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Review: McQueen Batch 1 London Dry Gin

McQueen Batch 1 London Dry Gin was Distilled by Trossachs Distillery  for That Boutique-y Gin Company and bottled at 42% ABV. 

Price: $36.67 for 500ml or $4.01 for 30ml

In 2015, Vicky and Dale McQueen founded the Trossachs Distillery in Callander, Scotland. Before opening their distillery Vicky was a chef and baker, and Dale was a mechanical engineer. The McQueen's distill six different gins: Super Premium Dry Gin, Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin, Sweet Citrus Gin, Chocolate Mint Gin, Smokey Chilli Gin, and Mocha Gin. The McQueen Batch 1 London Dry Gin takes a classic gin botanical mix (probably juniper, coriander, angelica, cassia, orris, and  cardamom) and adds in orange peel and cocoa nibs. 


Nose: The nose is a very pleasant combination of citrus and juniper. Underneath the top notes is an aroma like black iced tea or perhaps cucumber.  

Palate: The palate is very smooth and pleasant with a note of chocolate and orange peel up front. As the flavor develops in the mouth, notes of juniper and orris root shine through. 

Finish: The finish is mild and warm with notes of milk chocolate, orange and juniper.

Conclusion: McQueen Batch 1 London Dry Gin is a nice gin that would work well in a martini or gin & tonic. Overall the chocolate flavor is very mild and seams to add to both the structure and the mouth feel of the gin.

Thank you to Master of Malt and That Boutique-y Gin Company for providing the free sample.