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Review: Aguamiel Tequila Blanco


  • Owned by: Stewart Group Inc.

  • Distilled by: Destiladora del Valle de Tequila (NOM 1438) in Tequila, Mexico

  • Cooking: Brick Ovens

  • Crush: Roller Mills

  • Fermentation: Stainless Steel

  • Still Type: Copper Pot Still

  • Spirit Type: 100% Agave Blanco Tequila

  • Strength: 40% ABV

  • Price: $30

Aguamiel Tequila Blanco is a 100% agave tequila from Destiladora del Valle de Tequila NOM 1438. According to the brand, the tequila is produced from 8 year old blue agave, roasted in brick ovens for two days, crushed using a roller mill, fermented, double distilled in copper pots, and then proofed to 40% ABV.

Tasting Notes

Nose: On the nose the tequila has great bright aromas of tropical fruit, ripe mango, and lime leaf, supported by notes of honey and cooked agave.

Palate: At first sip the flavor starts strong, and then fades somewhat in the middle. Overall the flavor has a nice balance between cooked agave and a nice mineral character.

Finish: The finish is light with pleasant aromas of pineapple, lime leaves and a little minerality.

Conclusion: Aguamiel Tequila Blanco is a pleasant 100% agave tequila that is equally enjoyable to drink neat or use in a cocktail like a margarita or paloma.

For more information watch my review with Mike Morales on Tequila Aficionado’s Sipping off the Cuff.

Aguamiel Tequila Blanco Review | Tequila Aficionado Sipping off the Cuff.